The world is on the verge of collapsing due to regional and global tensions but the American President Barack Obama doesn't look very interested. The recent brutal executions of two American citizens in Syria are the last episodes that testify the ISIS strength in the Mideast. The reaction of Obama, besides pure rhetoric and empty words, is negligible and insulting. I pray God for the other people detained by these beasts and hope they will return back to they families soon.

The so called Arab Spring was the beginning of a tremendous destabilization of the entire Middle East, including Lybia, Syria, Egypt, Iraq and so on.
What we should absolutely be aware of is that ISIS is the result of Obama policies in Iraq, and the decision (against military commanders' opinions) to withdraw all troops from the Iraqi soil. That gave freedom of action to Muslim terrorists with the consequences we all know.

The other major concern regarding foreign policies is what is happening next to the European border in Ukraine, where Russian troops are literally conquering the Eastern part of the Ukrainian country.

Obama once again proves himself to be not very conscious of the real mess we have around the world.

The worst part of this is the real threat that Muslim terrorists could have already passed the border with Mexico and be free to move on the American soil, and once again thanks to Obama policies on immigration.

The question we have to ask is why is Obama acting so?
Is that because he is still a greenhorn politician, incapable to define a efficient strategy? Or maybe that's exactly his strategy, delivering empty speeches with no consequences conscious of what's going on and secretly whispering I really don't give a damn! Muslims terrorists aren't worse than the dictators these Countries had before, let's make the public opinion feel I'm really doing something even if it's not the case. 

Recent military operations in Iraq are useless if we don't destroy ISIS terrorists back to Stone Age, Obama unfortunately isn't willing to finish the job.

from www.teetimes.info