It has been a few days since Sec. of State John Kerry declared that Israel is becoming an 'apartheid' country. These remarks once again confirm that this administration is run by incompetent people at every single level, and are posing a serious threat to the United States authority around the world. John Kerry has been a controversial figure since he took office in 2013, and managed the latest international crisis in Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Egypt, like a greenhorn.
This guy wasted so much money flying one side to the other of the Atlantic Ocean and ended up every single crisis making a fool of himself and disgracefully of the US government. When Obama decided to raise the attention over the Syrian crisis, and make sure to cover his 'domestic' problem with Obamacare implementation, sent his loyal, and not very clever, Secretary of State to the Middle East with terrible results: the United States looked so bad to the international community that Putin in comparison earned a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize!

The reality is that this Administration looks everything but friendly to Israel, helping all the numerous Nations who are publicly threatening our best Ally in the Middle East