In this year of elections one of the major race will take place in Florida. It sounds a bit strange but former governor and former republican Charlie Crist is trying to beat his opponent and once ally Gov. Rick Scott. Crist's life has been full of weird turncoats and it looks like we are facing a major case of addiction to power and political offices. Charlie Crist has never believed in small government, common sense agenda and he is used to switch position on every single issue as long as it makes him appear more 'likable'.
Just to make some examples I want to remind you his historical about abortion. In 1998 he ran for the US Senate as a Pro-choice candidate. With the consistency that distinguishes him in 2010 he ran an unsuccessful campaign as a Pro-life Republican. After losing the primary to Marco Rubio he than switched back to his former position. In 2008 he endorsed John McCain in the primary season and in the General Election. In 2010 after losing to Marco Rubio, both in the primary race and on the election day, he left the Republican party with a pout and self-proclaimed an Independent.
His numerous inconsistent positions culminated in his decision to support Barack Obama in the general election in 2012 (he was one of the speakers at the DNC convention).
The final blow to his credibility was given by his decision to join the Democratic Party in December 2012.
Last year, his nostalgia for political offices manifested in his candidacy for Governor of Florida.
We really can't say he doesn't have the chutzpah!