As a proud American I'm getting quite frustrated listening to the speeches at the DNC Convention in Charlotte, NC. The Democrats are using the stage to attack Mitt Romney and to spread suspicion over our Nominee, obviously with no proof.
The Democratic party over the last 40 years has drifted to the far left and you just have to listen to what they say to recognize that.
The government has a central role in their plans for the country and everything has to pass through it. It has to decide who's the best doctor for you and your family, what college to attend, what car you should drive, and so on.
The Democrats succeeded in making their supporters to perceive government as the universal solution for our problems.
They want to make people think government action is free or at least we shouldn't worry who is going to pay for its programs.

Actually when the government spends money for entitlements programs, such as food stamps, it must pay for the program itself, also for the people managing it, for the equipment needed, somebody to control it, and so on.

Democrats support a government controlled economy which eventually becomes unsustainable and bankrupt due to excess dependency on the government.

Obama is promising to make the government give money to the unemployed and the poor, whereas Romney promises jobs. The idea that the rich should pay more for government programs will lead to higher unemployment, more jobs shipped overseas and less money for the government.

When Obama and the Democrats scream their support for higher taxes for the wealthy (the so called "fair share"), they are really saying: the rich shouldn't be rich and we must do something to make them become poorer, unless they donate to the DNC. The president thinks Success is something that comes only from the government.

High taxes will make the rich poor and the poor poorer.

A clear model of our policies and theirs is shown in the following scheme.

Democrat Policies.

Republican Policies