The campaigning season is heading towards the final period and the most significant one. Obama is losing no time in trying to avoid a serious debate for the future of America and he is making things up against Mitt Romney distracting the voters from the real and most important issues concerning our Nation.

We should be talking about how to create jobs, how to cut the deficit, how to make the economy turn around and the best Obama can do is to attack success and successful people as bad, evil, heartless criminals, somebody to condemn and fight against.
Let’s be serious and talk about outsourcing. The Obama campaign has been so busy trying to create false proof to link Romney to the outsourcing activity of Bain Capital and hiding that the stimulus approved by this administration outsourced $29 Billion in foreign Countries such as China, Brazil, and Denmark etc…[for more info]
Now the real issue is how come a lot of companies are used to outsource jobs and resources overseas, and moreover what can we do to fix this?
This is something the Obama campaign and the Democrats want to avoid to talk about in the campaign debate.

Is it because these Managers are so greedy, heartless and unpatriotic as the Obama campaign wants to depict them or is it the result of a more logical economical analysis?

The White House suggests that if we want to bring back those resources we should tax more those companies. This sounds like a ridiculous revenge that would increase costs and make the American families pay more for those goods.

We should, conversely, put in place policies to make it more convenient for those companies as well as foreign companies to invest in the United States and finally bring back those resources.
Of course it is evident that Obama is more interested on promoting political propaganda than leading Our Country.



Romney is paying a terrible month and the polls are now showing that Obama's lead is getting stronger. Everything started with the Supreme Court incredible decision to uphold Obamacare which gave an appearance of respectability to the Obama administration, despite the discussion on the individual mandate whether it is a tax or not.
Another blow has arrived from the substantial negative advertising Obama is running against Mitt Romney with vicious and disgusting lies concerning his career at Bain Capital and his tax returns.
The last but not the least weapon the Democrats are using to destroy the chances for Romney to win the election are the News media which are hurting the GOP and our Nominee probably more than what we think.
In the primary season I knew that Romney was not a good orator or an enchanter of the masses but I hoped he could learn fast his job. Of course I am disappointed because despite his good fundraising activity  it seems he doesn't have a long term strategy, and probably he is campaigning with a day by day strategy.
Obama's campaign is always one step ahead and Romney is getting used to play defense all the time.
Romney has never been competitive in this race yet, but if he really wants to gain some chances to win the election he has to understand  he needs to destroy the popular idea that Obama is a good guy with bad ideas, he has to show the real Barack Obama, the corrupted dishonest and vicious liar he actually is.

The second thing Romney should do is to choose carefully his running mate, I don't want to push for somebody in particular, it's plenty of politicians and commentators for that.
However some analysts remarked that even a good VP candidate is not going to make much difference, nevertheless a poor choice could cost him a lot of votes and may be the election.