The debate on Obamacare is a very hot issue in the campaign for the general election in November. The Democrat opinion on the health care is clear: Obamacare is right, yes it would increase taxes and expanding the government role , it is also going to increase the deficit, the national debt and destroy jobs, but it doesn't matter, it's still the right thing for the Nation.
On the other side the Republican opinion is much more concise: Obamacare is wrong and we must repeal it.

I do believe that the health care law approved by the Democratic Congress in 2010 it's not the answer and we must repeal it but we cannot simply ignore the fact that almost 17% of the American people are uninsured or avoid to talk about the people with pre-conditions.
Mitt Romney and the GOP should be bolder and propose a plan for the health care. The remarkable fact is that the uninsured rate has been steady for more than 25 years no matter what was the unemployment rate. This means that pushing for jobs creation is right but it's not enough.
People with pre-conditions shouldn't be discriminated by the health insurances, this is a moral principle.

The Republican view is way too simplistic, and it's not a winning strategy. Bobby Jindal was one of the few Republicans who made some effective proposals to reform the health care and Mitt Romney should start building a plan from here.

Romney campaign and the Republicans shouldn't waste this opportunity to set up a deadly counterattack to Obamacare and the Obama campaign.