Gov Scott Walker.

The recall election in Wisconsin is going to reshape the political field around the Country. All eyes in the last months have been focused on the election promoted by Unions and Democrats and the race earned a National value because it was not Republican versus Democrats, but a more important choice against the perverse relationship between Democrats and the public Unions.
The people of Wisconsin delivered a clear message: it's time to stand up against a spending out of control, against the privileges of few people paid with taxpayers' money, it's time to break once for all the barely legal incest between the Unions and the Democratic politicians around the Country. 
Wisconsin recall election is paving the way .The middle class is not going to sit down on the side and let the government act for political convenience.
As the Gov Walker confirmation shows, the voters are rewarding the leaders able to be tough on the right decisions, ready to act firmly.
The recall election has cost a lot of money and has been a backlash for the promoters, the DNC, and Obama. The president is the big loser of this event, he was incapable of supporting the Democratic candidate, Tom Barrett because he was frightened to support a loser contender.
This victory shows that the Republican party is in good shape and has a proud base; it's plenty of people ready to go door by door promoting the right choices for the Country.
Some democrats cried that Barrett was outspent by Gov Scott Walker by 8 to 1, but the reality is that a lot of people, including big donors, didn't want to bet on the clear loser of the gubernatorial race.
Once again, the message is clear: Obama is going to need more than a miserable slogan ("Forward") to be competitive again in the State of Wisconsin. Romney has an advantage over there: first because he is going to inherit the electoral machine built  by Walker campaign but more important because Walker reforms are now proving to work well, and will surely affect the general election in November.