Yesterday the Supreme Court finally expressed its position on the Costitutionality of Obamacare, the most significant achievement of Obama Administration. The virdict is clear: Obamacare is costitutional and the individual mandate is a new tax.
Although we could discuss for days or months on Justice Roberts trachery the most important result is that the individual mandate is actually a new tax.
This means that Obama and the Democrats are responsible for the greatest tax increase in the American history.
The economy is getting worse because of the Obama Administration and we'll see a deterioration in the next few months as well. Introducing new taxes during an economic recovery is like feeding a newborn with poisonous milk.

All this story demonstrates that we cannot rely on Institutions for protecting our freedom, anymore. Our Institutions are following Europe's path to decline, and are working to end America's leadership in the free world. It really makes me feel angry and crestfallen at the same time.

However it's not the end, so please stand up for the American cause and spread the word, we are not going to retreat. We have lost a battle but the war has just started.