One of the most important INPUTS a business needs is ENERGY. Energy is used for every kind of productive process, and every business needs it.

With the economic crisis we are facing now the government should promote policies to lower energy prices, making it easier for small businesses to get the energy they need. 
This administration is not working in that direction as the Energy Secretary Steven Chu stated before Congress on Feb-28th. "This administration is not working to lower the cost of oil and gas but to get us off of fossil fuels".

The daily energy demand profile is showed on the picture and you can see that the lower part, which is the basic demand is about constant during the day.
That's why the largest part of the energy production has to come from a safe source such as coal, nuclear or oil. This amount of energy guarantees the demand for big industries, small businesses and every kind of productive process.
The other energy sources such as the renewable ones must provide the energy for daily or periodic peaks in consumption.
The solar energy is not intended to provide energy for the basic demand. Trying to push renewable sources as a major source is illogical and illusory for two reasons:
  • renewable sources are not reliable because they depend on weather, temperature, wind, geographic position, etc...(can you imagine if an industry should stop production because of a cloudy or rainy day??)
  • moreover renewable sources introduce the concept of distribute production which is more difficult to manage than the centralized one.
Before talking about getting independent from fossil fuels you must find out another source as effective and reliable as coal or oil. Renewable energy is not able to meet our necessities.
We must conclude that anybody who denies it is an ignorant or a liar.