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In the last months Barack Obama strengthened his action against the wealthy Americans and promoted higher taxes for those who earn more than $ 1 million, the so called "Buffett rule".
We can't ignore that Obama doesn't even qualify for the Buffett rule: last year the Obamas earned something like $700k. That's interesting how Democrats promote higher taxes for everybody except for themselves, and it's even more interesting how they put forward a war against success.

History teaches us that raising capital gain taxes is wrong, it prevents new investments and it ends up with lower government revenues.
We all know that government is good as long as it doesn't get in the way. We need a fair government that makes sure to give everybody a chance to get better. We don't need a government that condemns who succeed in life.
Surely the rich have to pay higher taxes than us, those who earn little money, but I want to remind you few things:

37% of the federal income tax revenue comes from the so called 1%.

Raising taxes during an economic recovery would be a disaster, especially with the weak recovery we are going through now. President Roosevelt tried it in 1937 and it caused a deeper depression, inflation and higher unemployment.

Democrats are trying to convince  people that raising taxes would improve the debt situation hiding that the Buffett rule would reduce debt by a miserable 0.4%.

The debt crisis is caused by the government, and the spending out of control, not because the revenue are too low.

If we raise taxes the government revenue would increase probably for the first couple of years, and this would stimulate the government to spend more. After the very first period the revenue would go down because less people would be interested in investments with lower profits. Eventually the government would fail to balance the budget, leading to a worse debt crisis.

We need a government that promotes success and gives everybody a chance to get better, no matter the race, no matter the age, the gender or the pedigree.

This is not what Obama is offering us.

He is condemning the wealthy people because he thinks they shouldn't be rich, they should be poorer, they should apology for their success (unless they contribute to his campaign) but this is not how the Greatest Generation wanted our Nation to be.

Obama is trying to get political advantage fighting a war against success condemning our children to pay for it. This is not what we want  for us, nor what we intend to teach to our children and to leave for the future generations. We will teach them not to fight against their rich neighbors but to fight to succeed in their turn and if they will be the rich neighbors themselves to share their wealth with the unlucky.

We are a free Nation made of free people and we won't let any politician, even from the White House to change it.

Our best days are still in the future only if we believe and are prepared to fight for it.

A new trend is emerging...