Few days ago President Obama unveiled his Budget proposal. He promised, if approved, it would cut deficit by $4 trillion in the next 10 years, half in tax increase and half in spending cuts.

Q: Any gimmick?
R: Oh yeah, it's an outright lie, it' simply a misleading statement.

Obama's budget would limit spending increase, it wouldn't actually cut it. Instead of increasing spending by $9.5 trillion in the next ten years, it would increase by $7.3 trillion. What a big deal!
It's amazing how politicians are comfortable in telling lies, and it's so distressing seeing how news media try to help them.
In the last years we've seen how government spending is out of control. Senate majority leader Harry Reid was so stupid to declare: 'The Fact Is, You Don't Need a Budget' and this explains clearly how come things are getting worse and worse.

Q: Now, how long is it going to last this system?
R: According to CATO Institute economist Dan Mitchell the USA would last no more than 10-15 years if we keep going like this. OMG!

Q: So, is there any way out?
R: Of course we still have some hope but we have to act firmly.

We must elect the right people both in the White house and in Congress: we must elect the candidates who support spending cuts ( REAL SPENDING CUTS, NOT OBAMA'S TRICKS).

Moreover how can we trust politicians with a face like that?!