Under obama administration poverty soared all over the country. The Census Bureau reported that the overall poverty rate climbed to 15.1 percent, or 46.2 million, up from 14.3 percent in 2009, it's the highest number in the 52 years the bureau has been publishing figures on it. According to the same report median household incomes fell last year to levels last seen in 1996. 
These are bad news for the nation but they are good news for Obama. The main reason of Obama's happiness is that the more poor people there are, the more they need government aid and in the end more people will vote for the Democrats in Congress.
Obama has reached his target, he promoted trillion dollar policies to increase poverty, he put money into his friends' pockets for his reelection, but unfortunately our children will be condemned to pay for his policies and these are the facts, not assumptions.
The conservative message is completely different, it's to promote policies that decrease poverty,  the poor must get independent from the government, and this could happen only if they can get a job. Latest reports say that 1.2 million workers drop out from the labour force.
Afterall it's essential for a real recovery to make the poor get rich, not to make everybody get poor.