After Government sponsored Solyndra Company went bankrupt Hundreds of Solar Power Companies are expected to close, too. This is caused by the oversupply on this market, and the slack of demand, which brought to lower prices and lower profits for the companies.
All the billions that Obama administration flood on the solar power sector are wasted, they didn't help us to get energy independence, they didn't preserve environment from pollution, they didn't create the jobs promised but of course they went into Obama's friends' pockets.
For example the family that owned Solyndra was George Kaiser family. Well, everybody knows that Solyndra received half a billion from government, and everybody knows how it went bankrupt. However George Kaiser is one of the most efficient and productive fundraiser Obama has, as matter of fact  at one 2007 event for Obama, he raised more than $250,000. 
Is it a coincidence?

By the way Biggovernment.com claims that "80% of 'Green Energy' Loans Went to Top Obama Donors"