Dear fellow Americans, 
                 if you are struggling because you don't have a job, if you don't have enough money to buy a health insurance, if you are having a hard time to pay for your mortgage or your rent, then this letter is for you.
We are all going through a painful period but expecially the poor are struggling because of the crisis. I don't blame you if you need food stamps and unemployment benefits from the government, but you should focus on how to get better, these kind of aids are not the solution, they are not going to help you find a job, they are not going to end the economic crisis, and of course our children will pay for those aids one day.
I don't care about the billionaires, I'm happy for them and I hope they give money to charities, but I don't think spreading the wealth is usefull for the Country.

The kind of solution we need has to help the middle class and whoever has low income. A healthy middle class is what we need now, we must focus on how we can stimulate the small businesses to start hiring people again.
Big bailouts are not the answer (the money will go directly into politician's friends' pockets), sofisticated programs run by the government and payed by the people, again are not what we need.
That's the reason I support a real Conservative agenda, the government  has to get out of the economy as much as possible.
We must elect the candidates who can really put this Country back on the road of prosperity. I'm not saying that all Republicans are good, but that good conservatives are what we need now. 
The policies I'm talking about are: 
cut taxes on manufacturing, cut Union benefits, limit benefits for government workers, pull useless regulations that are killing small businesses, reduce the number of military bases overseas and simplify the tax code.
You know, it's not fair that the Union workers have privileges with respect to the common people, and of course it's not fair that the common people has to pay for those benefits.

We must focus on how to make the poor get rich, not on how to make the rich get poor.

Regards, FBConservative