That time Wasserman Schultz was right

Obama isn't up to the job, 
let's fire him next November.


The deficit for the fiscal year that ends in September will be of 1.1 Trillion dollars.

The deficit is too high because the government spends too much, not because the government revenue are too low.

Obama's Achievements / 3

Obama claimed he has created 3 million jobs in the last 22 months.

So, Mr. Obama where are these jobs, what sector, which state, which Country, what planet? 
Probably you are talking about the jobs the US manufacturing industry moved or created overseas because of your crazy policies.

If you are not talking about those jobs you're simply a liar.



Dear fellow Americans, 
                 if you are struggling because you don't have a job, if you don't have enough money to buy a health insurance, if you are having a hard time to pay for your mortgage or your rent, then this letter is for you.
We are all going through a painful period but expecially the poor are struggling because of the crisis. I don't blame you if you need food stamps and unemployment benefits from the government, but you should focus on how to get better, these kind of aids are not the solution, they are not going to help you find a job, they are not going to end the economic crisis, and of course our children will pay for those aids one day.
I don't care about the billionaires, I'm happy for them and I hope they give money to charities, but I don't think spreading the wealth is usefull for the Country.

The kind of solution we need has to help the middle class and whoever has low income. A healthy middle class is what we need now, we must focus on how we can stimulate the small businesses to start hiring people again.
Big bailouts are not the answer (the money will go directly into politician's friends' pockets), sofisticated programs run by the government and payed by the people, again are not what we need.
That's the reason I support a real Conservative agenda, the government  has to get out of the economy as much as possible.
We must elect the candidates who can really put this Country back on the road of prosperity. I'm not saying that all Republicans are good, but that good conservatives are what we need now. 
The policies I'm talking about are: 
cut taxes on manufacturing, cut Union benefits, limit benefits for government workers, pull useless regulations that are killing small businesses, reduce the number of military bases overseas and simplify the tax code.
You know, it's not fair that the Union workers have privileges with respect to the common people, and of course it's not fair that the common people has to pay for those benefits.

We must focus on how to make the poor get rich, not on how to make the rich get poor.

Regards, FBConservative



In 1995 Nancy Reagan released an interview and she gave her opinion on the terrific Republican victory in 1994 and her opinion on Newt Gingrich:

"The dramatic movement of 1995 is an outgrowth of a much earlier crusade that goes back half a century. Barry Goldwater handed the torch to Ronnie, and in turn Ronnie turned that torch over to Newt and the Republican members of Congress to keep that dream alive."

I personally think that this nomination fight has gone too far and Obama is praising for that.

Whoever wins in Florida I hope he gets the nomination because we must stop fight each other while Obama is destroying our future, selling our economy to China.



Democratic Senate gave the opportunity for Obama to raise the national debt ceiling by 1.2 Trillion.
The Democratic majority voted against a piece of legislation approved by the House which opposed that opportunity.

The Democrats in Congress are selling our children and grandchildren’s future to China, because of course Chinese Hedge Funds will pay for that debt increase.

Obama's Achievements / 2

The amount of money the federal government hands out in direct payments to individuals increased over the past fourty years, but soared under

Obama, increasing by almost $600 billion in his first three years, that's +32%.

In addition Obama's last budget called for these payments to climb another $500 billion by 2016, at that time they will count for 67% of the federal budget.

This year, more than 46 million will get food stamps. It's +45% in three years and twice as high as the average for the previous 40 years. This surge was driven because Obama boosted the benefit amount as part of his stimulus plan.



Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta unveiled his plan for the DOD: shrink ground forces by 100'000 and cut $500'000'000'000 in defense spending, for the next ten years. 

He says that this plan will improve our armed forces; RUBBISH!!

His goal is simply to cut military spending and put the money in Obama's friends' pockets.


Unions Leader Jimmy P Hoffa and Barack Obama
The other night President Obama proposed to end tax deductions for the companies which ship jobs overseas.

That would make manufacturing more expensive for the American people, We would suffer for that. He can't see further than his nose, or worse he sees only what he wants. 

When you have a problem, to solve it you have to limit the cause, and in this case the cause is the high cost of working of course because of the UNIONS.

The answer should be to end Union's benefits, or at least limit them.

Obama's gift to his friend Buffet

Warren Buffett’s Burlington Northern Santa Fe LLC is among American and Canadian railroads that will  benefit from the Obama administration’s decision to reject TransCanada Corp.’s Keystone oil pipeline permit. Bloomberg.com


The former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is usual to mention his partnership with Reagan Administration, in the effort to defeat Communism and the Soviet Empire. This is what he usually says, and we already know that.

But here it is THE REST OF THE STORY....


Buffet's Secretary

According to Forbes Warren Buffet's secretary Debbie Bosanek in 2009 earned between $ 200'000 and $ 500'000, paying about 19% in taxes. 

Read the entire article by clicking the link:

Warren Buffet's Secretary. Forbes.com

It was legal after all!

Gingrich came out clean after accusations in late 90s, CNN reports.


Pelosi's promise

Former speaker Nancy Pelosi released an interview to John KingCNN, she knows something frightening about Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich. She says that this 'something' could cost him the nomination for the Republican Party, and of course the hypothetical general election next November.

I'm sure Newt will clear up this situation. The people is interested in the Economy not on whether he had another affair, or anything else about his personal life.

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Hermain Cain Delivers Tea Party Response to the State of the Union.

Obama's achievements

Under Obama, Price of Gas Has Jumped 83 Percent, Ground Beef 24 Percent, Bacon 22 Percent

I don't blame the man, I blame his policies.
God bless America.

I'm not a partisan. 
I listened to what Obama said during the State of the Union. 
I felt like watching a good film on tv; I knew in my heart that it was all fake. 

I believe in a brighter future.
I believe in America.

Entire State of The Union 2012, video. Barack Obama,

Here it is the famous, age issue, in Reagan-Mondale debate:

"government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem." 
Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States.


1. First of all you need to cut spendings, check up every sector, and do it carefully: military spendings, health care, ecc;

2. Second you need absolutely to increase your revenue: CUT TAXES, you'll see a general improvement in the whole economy.


Recession in Italy

The government lead by the never elected Prime Minister Mr. Monti is going to make Italy to go bankrupt. 
It's quite easy: when you have a debt crisis you need, both decrease spending, and increase government revenue.
Now, to increase revenue the government can do two things: increase taxes or make the GDP to grow.
To increase the GDP the only way to do that is entice people to work..
How do you do that? Cutting taxes: more money for the employers, and finally more money for the employees. The first thing to do, should be to cut taxes on gasoline.

Increasing taxes makes higher government revenue only for the first couples of years, but in the long haul revenue will get lower and lower.
That's what Monti is doing now.

The "liberalizzazioni" Monti made up are useless for the people.
Does he really think that the people struggles to work and earn money because there aren't enough taxis, or pharmacies???
I can't believe that!


Gingrich's surge in Florida

Tampa, Florida

After the stunning victory in South Carolina on Saturday Newt Gingrich surged in all polls. Of course the attention goes to the Primary that will take place in Florida on the 31st of January.
 As a debater Gingrich has no rivals, the obstacles are his personal life and his relationship with Freddie Mac.
If Gingrich will be able explain that and get out of it clean, he will probably win the nomination as well.

Florida will  assign 50 delegates for the GOP Convention in Tampa Bay (FL), a small number if you think that a candidate needs 1144 delegates to win; but it has a huge importance because allmost for sure Florida equals nomination!

Florida = Nomination

Romney's tax returns

Yesterday Presidential candidate and former Gov. of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney finally released his tax returns. It appears that he earned something like $43 Million in two years, earnings which come from gain investments. The average tax rate he paid was about 14-15%.

As I noticed surfing the net, all the major news media started to speculate on whether Romney is paying a fair tax rate, on whether he should pay more, and if they can find something compromising on the nearly 550 pages document.

Somebody could think that tax rate is extremely low for an income that doesn't come from wages; but let's go deeper, let's try to make an argument about that.

Once upon a time there were three people, Sam, Tom and John. Sam was rich he had a factory, and had a lot of money. John instead was a kind of poor, he was having and hard time to feed himself and his family. Sam and John didn't know each other, but they had a common friend, Tom. We actually don't know if Tom was rich or not.

Once John decided to ask for help to his friend Tom. Tom didn't have extra money but he remembered that Sam was a rich guy.
So one day the three met together, they talked about John and how he was struggling to work and earn money; the guys finally reached an agreement, and they eventually signed a contract.

Every month Sam would have given some money to John. Sam thought it was right to help the poor. 
Since Sam and John lived far apart Tom offered to be through, he would have pick up the money from Sam every month and give it to John.

For the first three months Tom gave all the money he received to John. Then he realized that he was spending energy and money to go from Sam's to John's house and started to keep a little bit for himself as a refund, although nobody knew it. To help more people Tom made agreements with other rich people nearby, and started to run a real business.
John found the situation very interesting, he stopped working and was satisfied with what he received.

After the first year the amount of money Tom kept for himself got higher and higher, he bought a new vehicle, new clothes a big house and other stuff. Clearly he was cheating, in fact he asked the rich more and more money explaining that he was helping more poor people.

I don't know how the writer ended the story but frankly it doesn't matter. What's really important is the meaning of this part of the story:

- John and the poor are the real victims;

- Tom was stealing John's money. If Tom had behaved honestly John would have been happier, but you know opportunity makes the thief!

- it would have been better for John to receive money directly from Sam, under the supervision of Tom, sure somebody was needed to ensure that the contract was fulfilled.

Now, what would the people think, if I say that Tom represents the Government?

If you now rethink the meaning of the story you'll find that:

- fair taxes and a honest government are necessary for the country and to help poor people;

- As the government gets bigger, the chance of corruption gets higher;
- the best way to help poor people is to give 'em the opportunity to get rich, not to deliver money here and there;

- the government has to accept that a lot of charities have a better efficiency in helping the poor, because it's a more direct relationship, and of course it should promote donations.

I recommend not to stop looking at the tax rate somebody pays but keep in mind how much is given to charities.
If you look at Romney's tax returns you'll find a percentage of 16.4%; and if you sum the total amount Romney both paid in taxes and gave to charities you'll find a percentage of about 31%. I personally think it's a fair number.

There is a huge difference between the amount you pay in taxes and the amount you give to charities.
Paying taxes is not a choice, what ever the tax rate is, giving money to charities is a choice and you deserve credit if you choose the right ones.