As a proud American I'm getting quite frustrated listening to the speeches at the DNC Convention in Charlotte, NC. The Democrats are using the stage to attack Mitt Romney and to spread suspicion over our Nominee, obviously with no proof.
The Democratic party over the last 40 years has drifted to the far left and you just have to listen to what they say to recognize that.
The government has a central role in their plans for the country and everything has to pass through it. It has to decide who's the best doctor for you and your family, what college to attend, what car you should drive, and so on.
The Democrats succeeded in making their supporters to perceive government as the universal solution for our problems.
They want to make people think government action is free or at least we shouldn't worry who is going to pay for its programs.

Actually when the government spends money for entitlements programs, such as food stamps, it must pay for the program itself, also for the people managing it, for the equipment needed, somebody to control it, and so on.

Democrats support a government controlled economy which eventually becomes unsustainable and bankrupt due to excess dependency on the government.

Obama is promising to make the government give money to the unemployed and the poor, whereas Romney promises jobs. The idea that the rich should pay more for government programs will lead to higher unemployment, more jobs shipped overseas and less money for the government.

When Obama and the Democrats scream their support for higher taxes for the wealthy (the so called "fair share"), they are really saying: the rich shouldn't be rich and we must do something to make them become poorer, unless they donate to the DNC. The president thinks Success is something that comes only from the government.

High taxes will make the rich poor and the poor poorer.

A clear model of our policies and theirs is shown in the following scheme.

Democrat Policies.

Republican Policies



The campaigning season is heading towards the final period and the most significant one. Obama is losing no time in trying to avoid a serious debate for the future of America and he is making things up against Mitt Romney distracting the voters from the real and most important issues concerning our Nation.

We should be talking about how to create jobs, how to cut the deficit, how to make the economy turn around and the best Obama can do is to attack success and successful people as bad, evil, heartless criminals, somebody to condemn and fight against.
Let’s be serious and talk about outsourcing. The Obama campaign has been so busy trying to create false proof to link Romney to the outsourcing activity of Bain Capital and hiding that the stimulus approved by this administration outsourced $29 Billion in foreign Countries such as China, Brazil, and Denmark etc…[for more info]
Now the real issue is how come a lot of companies are used to outsource jobs and resources overseas, and moreover what can we do to fix this?
This is something the Obama campaign and the Democrats want to avoid to talk about in the campaign debate.

Is it because these Managers are so greedy, heartless and unpatriotic as the Obama campaign wants to depict them or is it the result of a more logical economical analysis?

The White House suggests that if we want to bring back those resources we should tax more those companies. This sounds like a ridiculous revenge that would increase costs and make the American families pay more for those goods.

We should, conversely, put in place policies to make it more convenient for those companies as well as foreign companies to invest in the United States and finally bring back those resources.
Of course it is evident that Obama is more interested on promoting political propaganda than leading Our Country.



Romney is paying a terrible month and the polls are now showing that Obama's lead is getting stronger. Everything started with the Supreme Court incredible decision to uphold Obamacare which gave an appearance of respectability to the Obama administration, despite the discussion on the individual mandate whether it is a tax or not.
Another blow has arrived from the substantial negative advertising Obama is running against Mitt Romney with vicious and disgusting lies concerning his career at Bain Capital and his tax returns.
The last but not the least weapon the Democrats are using to destroy the chances for Romney to win the election are the News media which are hurting the GOP and our Nominee probably more than what we think.
In the primary season I knew that Romney was not a good orator or an enchanter of the masses but I hoped he could learn fast his job. Of course I am disappointed because despite his good fundraising activity  it seems he doesn't have a long term strategy, and probably he is campaigning with a day by day strategy.
Obama's campaign is always one step ahead and Romney is getting used to play defense all the time.
Romney has never been competitive in this race yet, but if he really wants to gain some chances to win the election he has to understand  he needs to destroy the popular idea that Obama is a good guy with bad ideas, he has to show the real Barack Obama, the corrupted dishonest and vicious liar he actually is.

The second thing Romney should do is to choose carefully his running mate, I don't want to push for somebody in particular, it's plenty of politicians and commentators for that.
However some analysts remarked that even a good VP candidate is not going to make much difference, nevertheless a poor choice could cost him a lot of votes and may be the election.



From the Dod website:
WASHINGTON, Dec. 5, 2011 – The U.S. Navy will employ a biofuel blend to power aircraft and vessels participating in a maritime exercise that's slated to be conducted near Hawaii next summer, senior officials told reporters today [...] The contract is the largest government purchase of biofuel in history, and provides $12 million to Dynamic Fuels LLC. Dynamic is a joint venture between Tyson Foods, Inc. and Syntroleum Corporation. Solazyme, Inc., a renewable oil and bioproducts company, will help Dynamic Fuels fulfill the contract. Read more

This abstract was taken from the DoD website where Karen Parrish explained the project of using biofuel for a maritime exercise which took place this summer near the Hawaiian islands.

The incredible information is that one of the Companies that received part of the $12 million was Solazyme, Inc.

This Company has been a loyal donor to the Democrat Cause since the 2008 election.

Here it is the coomplete table of the donations records (from Opensecrets.org)

Now, everybody is free to donate according with the political views, but it's a kind of weird that The Department of Defense after approving spending cuts decides to sign a contract to buy biofuel for $27 a gallon, from a leaning Democratic Company.

As you can notice on the table, the total amount of donations to Democrats candidates from important staff members of Solazyme Company reaches $9000.

IER President Thomas Pyle sent a letter on Jul 9th to four congressional chairmen calling for an “immediate, exhaustive and unyielding” investigation on the Defense Department’s decision to fuel naval exercises in the Pacific ocean using biofuels that cost $27 per gallon. 



Obama is running a false accusation over Mitt Romney role in Bain Capital between the years 1999 and 2002. The Obama campaign is trying to sell the idea that Romney was still the brain of Bain Capital, while the company was outsourcing jobs overseas. This is pure political monstrosity and it's false.
Mitt Romney was working for the Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City and it's simply crazy to think that he had the time to run both the Olympic Organization and the Bain Capital at the same time (even if he had some kind of role on paper)!

The truth is that The Obama administration outsourced jobs overseas! They admitted it! Obama gave $29 to create jobs in foreign Countries like Finland, Denmark, China, Mexico and Brazil.
So why this idiot in the WH is so cheeky to run such and idiotic accusation? DESPAIR...



The debate on Obamacare is a very hot issue in the campaign for the general election in November. The Democrat opinion on the health care is clear: Obamacare is right, yes it would increase taxes and expanding the government role , it is also going to increase the deficit, the national debt and destroy jobs, but it doesn't matter, it's still the right thing for the Nation.
On the other side the Republican opinion is much more concise: Obamacare is wrong and we must repeal it.

I do believe that the health care law approved by the Democratic Congress in 2010 it's not the answer and we must repeal it but we cannot simply ignore the fact that almost 17% of the American people are uninsured or avoid to talk about the people with pre-conditions.
Mitt Romney and the GOP should be bolder and propose a plan for the health care. The remarkable fact is that the uninsured rate has been steady for more than 25 years no matter what was the unemployment rate. This means that pushing for jobs creation is right but it's not enough.
People with pre-conditions shouldn't be discriminated by the health insurances, this is a moral principle.

The Republican view is way too simplistic, and it's not a winning strategy. Bobby Jindal was one of the few Republicans who made some effective proposals to reform the health care and Mitt Romney should start building a plan from here.

Romney campaign and the Republicans shouldn't waste this opportunity to set up a deadly counterattack to Obamacare and the Obama campaign.



Yesterday the Supreme Court finally expressed its position on the Costitutionality of Obamacare, the most significant achievement of Obama Administration. The virdict is clear: Obamacare is costitutional and the individual mandate is a new tax.
Although we could discuss for days or months on Justice Roberts trachery the most important result is that the individual mandate is actually a new tax.
This means that Obama and the Democrats are responsible for the greatest tax increase in the American history.
The economy is getting worse because of the Obama Administration and we'll see a deterioration in the next few months as well. Introducing new taxes during an economic recovery is like feeding a newborn with poisonous milk.

All this story demonstrates that we cannot rely on Institutions for protecting our freedom, anymore. Our Institutions are following Europe's path to decline, and are working to end America's leadership in the free world. It really makes me feel angry and crestfallen at the same time.

However it's not the end, so please stand up for the American cause and spread the word, we are not going to retreat. We have lost a battle but the war has just started. 



Ladies and gentlemen, we are alone.
No one is going join us to fight this battle. The Democrats, President Obama along with some Republicans created a bug in the Institutional System. It's now ruling against the American people and against the founding priciples that made America, America.

The Supreme Court made a significant decision; America's path sharply changed its natural direction and forces all of us to become more European and less American.

The Supreme Court is paving the way for America's final process, no more superpower, no more leadership, no more freedom, no more opportunity, no more justice for all. America's path is marked: being the bad copy of a declining Europe.

Whatever it's going to happen until November, I'm going to stand tall and fight for my Country, fight for America.

May God help us.



European leaders are promoting policies to balance their budgets based on what they call "Austerity". Their choices follow the idea that to solve their debt crisis they need to raise government revenue, by increasing taxes and expanding the government size.
For example in Italy PM Mario Monti, supported by the major parties in the Italian parliament, introduced a new property tax called IMU, raised sales tax, and imposed a new tax on gas.
This of course is hurting the economy and guess what, government revenues are getting lower and lower, the national debt is getting higher and higher and the Country is falling into a new recession.
Obama and the Democrats are trying to link the austerity measures adopted in Europe to the conservative policies. That's a dirty trick because we have a completely different vision: we support a limited government size and of course a simpler and more reasonable tax code to promote investments and economic growth.
As we know Obama and the Democrats are used to tell lies all the time, that's why we have to speak aloud and make the point.
The key to get out of this muddy economy is to focus on long term policies, limiting the government size and pushing for a simpler tax code able to attracts new investments. The president instead is proposing policies not so different from what European leaders are using for their crisis, with terrible results. He knows that raising taxes during this frail economic recovery would be a dangerous mistake that would doom the growth as it is happening in Italy.
The only reason he is pushing for these policies is to stir up a warfare within the Nation dividing it into two opposite sides and trying to get political benefit from it.



Gov Scott Walker.

The recall election in Wisconsin is going to reshape the political field around the Country. All eyes in the last months have been focused on the election promoted by Unions and Democrats and the race earned a National value because it was not Republican versus Democrats, but a more important choice against the perverse relationship between Democrats and the public Unions.
The people of Wisconsin delivered a clear message: it's time to stand up against a spending out of control, against the privileges of few people paid with taxpayers' money, it's time to break once for all the barely legal incest between the Unions and the Democratic politicians around the Country. 
Wisconsin recall election is paving the way .The middle class is not going to sit down on the side and let the government act for political convenience.
As the Gov Walker confirmation shows, the voters are rewarding the leaders able to be tough on the right decisions, ready to act firmly.
The recall election has cost a lot of money and has been a backlash for the promoters, the DNC, and Obama. The president is the big loser of this event, he was incapable of supporting the Democratic candidate, Tom Barrett because he was frightened to support a loser contender.
This victory shows that the Republican party is in good shape and has a proud base; it's plenty of people ready to go door by door promoting the right choices for the Country.
Some democrats cried that Barrett was outspent by Gov Scott Walker by 8 to 1, but the reality is that a lot of people, including big donors, didn't want to bet on the clear loser of the gubernatorial race.
Once again, the message is clear: Obama is going to need more than a miserable slogan ("Forward") to be competitive again in the State of Wisconsin. Romney has an advantage over there: first because he is going to inherit the electoral machine built  by Walker campaign but more important because Walker reforms are now proving to work well, and will surely affect the general election in November.



Obamacare is one of the most controversial piece of legislation approved by this administration. It actually introduce the concept of public health care run by the government.
In Europe this form of health care is very common, such as in UK, Italy, Spain or France. For example we'll talk about the system is currently adopted in Italy.
Over there the government collects money from tax revenue and pays the majority of the health care costs for the taxpayers. A small "ticket" is paid by the patients whenever they need assistance (it usually goes from $20 up to $100 or more).
The problem is that the government has to deal with massive corruption among the regional hospital managers and an impressive debt. Moreover the people has to face the unsustainable waiting times for any exam except for the blood tests.
It simply goes like this: 
let's suppose somebody needs to undergo a gastroscopy for some kind of stomach pain. This person has two possibilities:

  1. wait 12-18 months for the public service
  2. pay $300-400 and go private
So you have to pay taxes for the public health care and you have to pay a second time the private hospitals if you don't want to die while waiting for your exam.
The interesting thing is that some doctors work both in public and private structures. Of course they encourage their patients to pay for private cures and have decent services because like that they get more money (I want to remark that not all doctors act like that). Now, that's how it works in Italy, and I personally know it. 

The public health care is the best thing you can imagine only until you realize how it really works.



In 1937, while the USA were recovering from the Great Depression, Pres Roosevelt decided to introduce the payroll tax creating a situation of instability. This lead to a crisis within the crisis, with higher unemployment, massive drop from the labour force, decline in wages and personal income, especially for the poor.
Any thinking American can conclude that was one of the worst mistakes made by a government.

Now, how come president Obama is so stupid to propose and promote higher taxes in such a delicate moment, risking to destroy this miserable recovery?

The answer is as easy as the question: he is not stupid or ignorant, he is a liar. It's all about politics, campaigning all the time and promoting dangerous and clueless actions only for political convenience.



One of the most important INPUTS a business needs is ENERGY. Energy is used for every kind of productive process, and every business needs it.

With the economic crisis we are facing now the government should promote policies to lower energy prices, making it easier for small businesses to get the energy they need. 
This administration is not working in that direction as the Energy Secretary Steven Chu stated before Congress on Feb-28th. "This administration is not working to lower the cost of oil and gas but to get us off of fossil fuels".

The daily energy demand profile is showed on the picture and you can see that the lower part, which is the basic demand is about constant during the day.
That's why the largest part of the energy production has to come from a safe source such as coal, nuclear or oil. This amount of energy guarantees the demand for big industries, small businesses and every kind of productive process.
The other energy sources such as the renewable ones must provide the energy for daily or periodic peaks in consumption.
The solar energy is not intended to provide energy for the basic demand. Trying to push renewable sources as a major source is illogical and illusory for two reasons:
  • renewable sources are not reliable because they depend on weather, temperature, wind, geographic position, etc...(can you imagine if an industry should stop production because of a cloudy or rainy day??)
  • moreover renewable sources introduce the concept of distribute production which is more difficult to manage than the centralized one.
Before talking about getting independent from fossil fuels you must find out another source as effective and reliable as coal or oil. Renewable energy is not able to meet our necessities.
We must conclude that anybody who denies it is an ignorant or a liar.



The sun will rise again.

I am very excited about this election. We have a great opportunity, not only of defeating Barack Obama, but to change this Country and bring back our fundamental values. 
We must focus on how to work for a better Nation, learning from the past Presidents and past mistakes.

This time we are not going to fail,
America cannot afford it.



Even Obama's logo is politicizing the Bin Laden Operation!



Obama's logo
In the last months Barack Obama strengthened his action against the wealthy Americans and promoted higher taxes for those who earn more than $ 1 million, the so called "Buffett rule".
We can't ignore that Obama doesn't even qualify for the Buffett rule: last year the Obamas earned something like $700k. That's interesting how Democrats promote higher taxes for everybody except for themselves, and it's even more interesting how they put forward a war against success.

History teaches us that raising capital gain taxes is wrong, it prevents new investments and it ends up with lower government revenues.
We all know that government is good as long as it doesn't get in the way. We need a fair government that makes sure to give everybody a chance to get better. We don't need a government that condemns who succeed in life.
Surely the rich have to pay higher taxes than us, those who earn little money, but I want to remind you few things:

37% of the federal income tax revenue comes from the so called 1%.

Raising taxes during an economic recovery would be a disaster, especially with the weak recovery we are going through now. President Roosevelt tried it in 1937 and it caused a deeper depression, inflation and higher unemployment.

Democrats are trying to convince  people that raising taxes would improve the debt situation hiding that the Buffett rule would reduce debt by a miserable 0.4%.

The debt crisis is caused by the government, and the spending out of control, not because the revenue are too low.

If we raise taxes the government revenue would increase probably for the first couple of years, and this would stimulate the government to spend more. After the very first period the revenue would go down because less people would be interested in investments with lower profits. Eventually the government would fail to balance the budget, leading to a worse debt crisis.

We need a government that promotes success and gives everybody a chance to get better, no matter the race, no matter the age, the gender or the pedigree.

This is not what Obama is offering us.

He is condemning the wealthy people because he thinks they shouldn't be rich, they should be poorer, they should apology for their success (unless they contribute to his campaign) but this is not how the Greatest Generation wanted our Nation to be.

Obama is trying to get political advantage fighting a war against success condemning our children to pay for it. This is not what we want  for us, nor what we intend to teach to our children and to leave for the future generations. We will teach them not to fight against their rich neighbors but to fight to succeed in their turn and if they will be the rich neighbors themselves to share their wealth with the unlucky.

We are a free Nation made of free people and we won't let any politician, even from the White House to change it.

Our best days are still in the future only if we believe and are prepared to fight for it.

A new trend is emerging...




As we approach the general election in November Obama is getting more and more nervous.
We all know that he cannot compete on his good records, because he doesn't have any.

That's why he will focus his strategy on dividing the Nation to invigorate a war between the two sides. He blames the rich for the National debt, he blames the Republicans because the economy is not going well, he blames the corporations because they ship jobs overseas. In the last few days he's even attacked the SCOTUS, warning the justices not to pursue political activism, talking about the probable rejection of the hated and wasteful Obamacare, (the judges are just defending the Constitution after all).

It's disgusting how he is developing such a despicable strategy, just to try to get more votes, stay in power and waste taxpayers' money, even though it will cost our National Unity.




Few days ago President Obama unveiled his Budget proposal. He promised, if approved, it would cut deficit by $4 trillion in the next 10 years, half in tax increase and half in spending cuts.

Q: Any gimmick?
R: Oh yeah, it's an outright lie, it' simply a misleading statement.

Obama's budget would limit spending increase, it wouldn't actually cut it. Instead of increasing spending by $9.5 trillion in the next ten years, it would increase by $7.3 trillion. What a big deal!
It's amazing how politicians are comfortable in telling lies, and it's so distressing seeing how news media try to help them.
In the last years we've seen how government spending is out of control. Senate majority leader Harry Reid was so stupid to declare: 'The Fact Is, You Don't Need a Budget' and this explains clearly how come things are getting worse and worse.

Q: Now, how long is it going to last this system?
R: According to CATO Institute economist Dan Mitchell the USA would last no more than 10-15 years if we keep going like this. OMG!

Q: So, is there any way out?
R: Of course we still have some hope but we have to act firmly.

We must elect the right people both in the White house and in Congress: we must elect the candidates who support spending cuts ( REAL SPENDING CUTS, NOT OBAMA'S TRICKS).

Moreover how can we trust politicians with a face like that?!



Very funny ad, it's a direct and striking message. WATCH!



After Government sponsored Solyndra Company went bankrupt Hundreds of Solar Power Companies are expected to close, too. This is caused by the oversupply on this market, and the slack of demand, which brought to lower prices and lower profits for the companies.
All the billions that Obama administration flood on the solar power sector are wasted, they didn't help us to get energy independence, they didn't preserve environment from pollution, they didn't create the jobs promised but of course they went into Obama's friends' pockets.
For example the family that owned Solyndra was George Kaiser family. Well, everybody knows that Solyndra received half a billion from government, and everybody knows how it went bankrupt. However George Kaiser is one of the most efficient and productive fundraiser Obama has, as matter of fact  at one 2007 event for Obama, he raised more than $250,000. 
Is it a coincidence?

By the way Biggovernment.com claims that "80% of 'Green Energy' Loans Went to Top Obama Donors"



We are now facing a very bad economic crisis and we are trying to figure out how to get out of this muddy situation, but nobody and I repeat it NOBODY PAID for this mess.
Everything started in the early 90's, when Clinton was president. The Congress changed banking laws to force banks to lend out more money than what they had on hand. Before the banks could lend money up to a certain amount, depending on their assets on hand.
When Congress changed the rules banks were forced to make bad loans (TOXIC ACIDS) to pratically anybody.
This rotten system was established to act against the discrimination in lending (that's what they said) and the Clinton administration, along with other Agencies approved a document named: Policy statement on discrimination in lending. That document forced banks to act passively in approving contracts, and the lenders were obligated to grant loans to just anybody.
This document opposed discrimination against minorities, but what's funny, it doesn't even state who the minorities are.
This system of course, has increased the number of bad loans held by banks. Once the banks conceded loans in a similar way, government run Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guaranteed for these loans with taxpayers' money.
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac then started selling these Toxic Acids to banks all over the world infecting all the financial system. You can understand that such a system is like a house made out of mud, soon or later it will fall everything and that's what happened.

NOW, who has to pay for this mess? -> POLITICIANS.

It's very unfair to see double face politicans saying they want to help the poor and instead they earn millions from this crisis, millions that come from taxpayers' money.
Barney Franks of course is one of the crooks who built up this crazy system and one of the major causes of the economic crisis we are facing now. Bill Clinton also made his political fortune with this system. The media covered up just everything to help their friends politicians.

Can you imagine what consequences these politicians' actions had?

And all this for what? To get votes, stay in power and get more money from taxpayers. HERE IT IS THE TRUTH.




Under obama administration poverty soared all over the country. The Census Bureau reported that the overall poverty rate climbed to 15.1 percent, or 46.2 million, up from 14.3 percent in 2009, it's the highest number in the 52 years the bureau has been publishing figures on it. According to the same report median household incomes fell last year to levels last seen in 1996. 
These are bad news for the nation but they are good news for Obama. The main reason of Obama's happiness is that the more poor people there are, the more they need government aid and in the end more people will vote for the Democrats in Congress.
Obama has reached his target, he promoted trillion dollar policies to increase poverty, he put money into his friends' pockets for his reelection, but unfortunately our children will be condemned to pay for his policies and these are the facts, not assumptions.
The conservative message is completely different, it's to promote policies that decrease poverty,  the poor must get independent from the government, and this could happen only if they can get a job. Latest reports say that 1.2 million workers drop out from the labour force.
Afterall it's essential for a real recovery to make the poor get rich, not to make everybody get poor.



Our best days are still in front of us, it only depends on our choices.

Obama administration claimed today that the unemployment rate fell to 8.3%. But what they didn't mention is the truth: the unemployment rate fell because 1.2 million people dropped out the labour force, and that's the biggest tumble in 30 years!
The partecipation fell to a record low of 63.7%. The total population  out of the labour force rose from 86.7 to 87.9 million.
What Obama claimed is a very big lie, on  the ratio that calculates the unemployment they simply decreased the numerator more than the denominator.
If you go like this of course the unemployment drops!

All these numbers mean that more people gave up looking for a job, because of two reasons. The first reason is that there aren't any jobs around, to look for; the second reason is that you know a lot of people now live with government benefits and they are not interested in looking for a job anymore.
This explains how Obama is cheating and lying to convince people to vote for him again.

I don't intend to sit on the side and let him do whatever he wants to stay in power. I'll fight from here, with my simple blog to let the truth come out, because I believe that our best days are still in front of us, it only depends on our choices.


Obama's Achievements / 4

Obama's ridiculous foreign policy:

For the United States, the crash of the  drone in Iran was an embarrassment. For the Iranian government, it was a victory.

An Iranian company has started to produce models of the US drone and offered to reserve a pink plastic one for Obama. 

This reflects how the American authority is in jeopardy around the world because of this Administration.


That time Wasserman Schultz was right

Obama isn't up to the job, 
let's fire him next November.


The deficit for the fiscal year that ends in September will be of 1.1 Trillion dollars.

The deficit is too high because the government spends too much, not because the government revenue are too low.

Obama's Achievements / 3

Obama claimed he has created 3 million jobs in the last 22 months.

So, Mr. Obama where are these jobs, what sector, which state, which Country, what planet? 
Probably you are talking about the jobs the US manufacturing industry moved or created overseas because of your crazy policies.

If you are not talking about those jobs you're simply a liar.